What Does Your Brand’s Color Say About Your Restaurant?

February 12, 2016 - 4 minutes read

Colors most definitely says a lot about your brand. It also has an affect on the success of your restaurant. We live in a world filled with color; it impacts us emotionally and mentally. Color is a great way to send a subconscious message and to evoke a certain emotion in your customers. Here are some colors to think about when marketing your brand.

Red, the color of fire, signifies energy, danger, and power; however, it also represents love and desire. Red is one of the three warm colors, which makes its visually stimulating to others. Red also has the power to overwhelm customers, which causes them to rush through their meal. This color works well for any restaurant, because it creates a sense of urgency and stimulates appetite. Red is also very eye-catching!

Yellow, the color of optimism and warmth. Yellow can put a smile on anyone’s face, just ask McDonald’s! When you think of McDonald’s you think of those two golden arches (and their golden french fries). Yellow is a great color to have if you want to stand out, even on a busy street. It’s great for family-oriented restaurants or restaurants that appeal more to younger children. Just try not to go overboard with the color. Yellow is another warm color that can overwhelm and irritate people.

The color green is used to promote health and growth. It also symbolizes peace and harmony. This can be a great color to install if your restaurant is focused more towards a healthier lifestyle, or if you serve vegetarian and vegan dishes. Since people usually associate green with nature it gives off a more relaxing tone than others. Your customers may never want to leave!

Blue and purple are both similar and different when it comes to the message and emotions it creates. Both symbolize wisdom and intelligence, but give off differences in their message. Blue gives off the impression of professionalism; while, purple makes people feel more creative and imaginative. Another thing to consider is that both, blue and purple, make people think of toxins; which can lead to a loss of appetite. So use these colors sparingly inside your restaurant.

Lastly, the classic duo of black and white. Ebony and ivory. Dark and light. Both colors, alone, give off positive and negative vibes. But when the two colors are together they can create a dynamic combination. Black, is associated with power and elegance, but also represent dark and evil. White symbolizes balance and serenity, as well as purity and faith. So if your restaurant is more on the edgy side, then black is for you. If your restaurant is more on the simple and calm side, then white is for you. If you want to create a restaurant of both elegance and class with a little edge, then you can’t go wrong with the timeless pair.

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