Utlizing Snapchat At Restaurants

June 1, 2016 - 3 minutes read

“But first, let me take a snap!” Have you heard that phrase recently? The fast lane of sharing is moving at lightning speed, and honestly, #foodpic posts are really hot right now! People love sharing their delicious, sweet, and savory delectables. Take advantage of your patrons’ interest in your offerings and atmosphere by adding Snapchat to your social media strategy.

Even if you feel intimidated by other social media platforms, Snapchat should be on your radar. You don’t need to worry about likes or comments, and it’s quick and easy. Are you introducing a new dish to your menu? Take a video of your chef preparing a preliminary version of the dish and share it to your “Story” to give your patrons a sneak peek! Your “Story” is where you can add photos or videos, and your friends can watch at their leisure. If you’re friends with others in the restaurant business, or perhaps you want to give a local magazine that uses Snapchat a head’s up about that fancy new dish, you can send Snaps directly to people.

Some other great uses for Snapchat at your restaurant are:
1) Introducing your friends, fans, and patrons to your staff. This builds a sense of community within your business, and the public loves seeing the inner-workings and lives of the people who make their favorite locations tick.
2) Connecting with other restaurant professionals in bother your near and far networks. We’re not suggesting you need to start taking a selfie every day you’re in your restaurant or office because that may not fit within your business’ personality, but being proactive in connecting with your peers makes you seem accessible and friendly.
3) Sharing live updates from events. Don’t forget that you can continually Snap and add to your story over time! Is your restaurant hosting a large event one evening? Is it working with a nonprofit for a project? Share your work live with your fans. They’ll love seeing learning what your business is involved with outside of the kitchen.

Geofilters? Snapchat also allows you to create “filters” that any user can access in a specific geographic region.  Create an original 1080 wide x 1920 tall web-optimized .PNG, duration of the filter, and draw the geofence.  Just like that, you’re in business! Geofilters can engulf a location anywhere between 20,000 to 5,000,000 square feet and are available to any Snapchat user located inside your geofence.  These users now have the option to snap their friends using the filter or put it on their “Story”.  Too good to be true?  Just wait until you hear this: Snapchat geofilters can cost as little as $5.  Is there a better way than having customers do marketing for you?

Do you think you’ll check out Snapchat? What practice listed above would work best for you?