Six Public Relations Opportunities Restaurants Fail To Take Advantage Of

March 18, 2016 - 5 minutes read

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Starting a restaurant is often a very stressful time in an entrepreneur’s life. As exciting as it is to be turning a dream into reality, it is quite chaotic in the beginning. While managing staff and finalizing details, it is easy to forget about all the ways you could be getting the word out. Of course, early fans of the restaurant will be spreading the word and social media will be playing its roll, but there are other ways to get known through public relations after opening. Here are six:

1. Let them know about your new restaurant.

Introduce yourself to the community by sending out a press release telling the public about your new restaurant. Within this press release, ass something about you as the restaurant owner. Potential customers like to feel involved and like they have a personal bond with their restaurant. This is the beginning of that bond. Add details about your restaurant including the type of atmosphere and food. Subtly incorporate what differentiates you from the other restaurant and lastly, state your location and hours of operation.

2. Publicize weekly activities and events.

If you are a restaurant or bar that plans on hosting events such as trivia night, it is a good idea to let the public know about those events in any way that you can. Press releases can be a great tool for getting the word out about events. Send your press release out to different local news outlets letting them know about the event. Include all major details about the event and any information that will attract your customers.

3. Showcase your new chef.

Present your new restaurant chef by writing a biography of them. Not only does it let the customer feel like a part of your business, but it also will give them ease knowing who is preparing their dishes. In the biography you could include: their educational background, work experience, or their favorite dishes to prepare. Feel free to include any awards they have received, as well as organizations they may be involved with.

4. Will deliveries be on the menu?

People love when restaurants deliver. It makes the customer’s life easier. Getting up and leaving the office is too time consuming for many people. A typical lunch is an hour long and going to get food in that hour takes up a lot of time. Let your customers know through a detailed press release.

5. Be involved Online.

Having your fans spread the word about your restaurant through social media is great, but it can be essential for you to be utilizing it as well. Create an Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter account to post photos of a new dish, customers enjoying your restaurant, update customers of specials and hours of operation. Social media is a great tool to use when trying to communicate with your customers. Creating a website for your restaurant is a great idea, as well. On the website, you can post the press releases previously mentioned (about the restaurant, weekly activities, etc.). The website can serve as a great source for information about the restaurant. Customers can go there to find contact information, hours of operation, location of restaurant, the menu, and photos. Make sure to have links of social media easily accessible to customers.

6. Catering can be a big advantage for a restaurant.

Businesses are often hosting events and looking for places with good food to serve. If you are going to cater, make sure to send out a press release about it so the public knows of your service. Be sure to add in information about your restaurant, catering details such as setup and service, and your contact information.

These are just six of the public relations opportunities that you can use to publicize restaurant through press releases. The more the public hears about your restaurant, the more likely they will become a loyal fan.