Restaurant Marketing | Trending: 4 Craziest Food Trucks in the U.S.

May 21, 2013 - 2 minutes read

In the recent years, mobile food trucks have made their way into cities all over. They are a trend that seems to continue to grow.  In 2012, Emergent Research estimated that by 2017, food trucks will generate about $2.7 billion in revenue (Intuit). Customers seem to be impressed by the concept and enjoy the convenience of them.

One thing about food trucks we love is that they are all different. They are different when it comes to food, location and presentation. We would like to present you with four of the craziest looking food trucks around:

Maximus / Minimus

Maximus / Minimus travels the streets of Seattle, Washington in their famous pig truck selling their delicious pulled pork sandwiches as well as other barbeque classics.

Food Truck 2

For hours and locations, visit their website.

Sugar Philly

Sugar Philly is located in Philadelphia and likes to treat their customers to something sweet. A few menu items include crème brulee, cheesecake and macarons. Their menu varies depending on the season. Sugar Philly travels through the streets in a truck decorated with a unique mural on it.

Food Truck 1

For hours and locations, visit their website.

Skillet Street Food

Skillet Street Food, like Maximus / Minimus, travels the streets of Seattle. They roam the streets in their classic silver RV selling juicy burgers, poutine and other items.

Food Truck 4

For hours and locations, visit their website.

5411 Empanadas

Cruising through the streets of Chicago in their powder blue truck, 5411 Empanadas attracts just about everyone within sight. They specialize in selling a variety of reasonably priced empanadas with different fillings including ham and cheese and sweet corn.

Food Truck 3

For hours and locations, visit their website.

Food trucks are a great and convenient experience for busy workers or hungry tourists. They come with all different types of food in uniquely designed automobiles. Some trucks are basic with just their brand name on them and some with beautiful murals. As time goes by, we will be seeing more and more food trucks in different cities throughout the country. Enjoy!

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