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restaurant marketing ebook

Twitter for Your Restaurant

What the heck is a tweet and what does it have to do with my restaurant? Twitter is an exciting social media platform. It allows restaurants to immediately engage the customer through simple 140 character messages. With the click of a button you can tweet all sorts of important marketing information to your audience!

6 Budget-Friendly Marketing Tools for Every Restaurant

Just as your restaurant needs a Point of Sale system for transactions or an oven for delicious food prep, your restaurant also must have marketing tools for promoting your establishment and building brand loyalty.

restaurant marketing ebook
restaurant marketing ebook

10 Free Visual Design Tools for Every Restaurant

Content is king! Create stunning visual content for free with these tools. From logo design to social media content to GIFs, eateria has all the tools your restaurant needs for visual content in this eBook.

21 Secrets of Restaurant Marketing

Launch your restaurant to new heights with this informative eBook. Learn the secrets successful brands use to grow, and find insights into the marketing strategies large companies us to increase profit.

restaurant marketing ebook
restaurant marketing ebook

How Google Marketing Can Help Your Restaurant

Do you use Google to advertise your business? There are tons of free tools on Google that your restaurant can use to increase online presence in addition to staying organized.

Supercharge Your Restaurant with These Free Facebook App Icons

Attract more customer engagement with these free Facebook app icons. These icons will not only help your restaurant stand out, but they are fully customizable to match your unique brand image, restaurant atmosphere, and/or website.

restaurant marketing ebook
restaurant marketing ebook

How To Keep Your Customers, Money and Restaurant

Learn the industry secrets to creating a loyal guest-base and a steady stream of revenue with specific marketing strategies. Keeping your restaurant open and thriving doesn’t have to mean spending your whole life in the restaurant. See what you can do online to increase sales and guest loyalty.

Your Complete Guide to 2015 Food Holidays

Discover the food holidays for every day of the year and use this knowledge to your advantage. We provide you with some marketing ideas for how to promote and celebrate food holidays, plus some tips and tricks to get more guests in the door.

restaurant marketing ebook