Post Quality Content – Get Your Restaurant’s Posts Viewed on Facebook

July 1, 2014 - 5 minutes read

Facebook’s newest algorithm change has been a blow to restaurants & brands. It seems that views are getting smaller no matter what one does to increase a post’s reach.

On the flip side – Facebook listened to users that were screaming about way too much “junk” in their News Feed from brands. In response, Facebook challenged brands to come up with better content by introducing their newest algorithm to help their users with personal accounts. In simpler terms, the higher quality Facebook deems your content, the higher the views.

To help you optimize views for your establishment’s Facebook page – here’s a few pointers to keep in mind.Facebook Smoke

  • Remember that your restaurant’s posts are competing with photos of friends’ newborns and Aunt Sally’s new puppy… be sure you’re creating content that your fans want to view. Be careful to not post too many memes because they are not deemed as “quality content” and will get lost in the new Facebook algorithm shuffle.
  • Tag other brands in your posts. With the Facebook algorithm change that took place in March, this allows fans of both pages to view the post. For example, if your bar is tapping a particular brewery’s beer one evening, tag the brewery in the post for the event. This is a great way to expand your audience to include the brewery’s fans as well.
  • Avoid “Like-bait” content. (Example: “’Like’ this post if you ordered the Cheesy Bacon Cheeseburger this weekend.”) You’re taking a risk that Facebook may be hiding these posts. Actively seeking likes is a factor that Facebook counts as non-quality content and will more than likely be hidden.
  • Use current links (for example, we used this article from BuzzFeed that got almost 400 views throughout the day for just one post). To up the ante, if you are posting a link to a story that involves several different brands, use the link and tag the brands in the update – as mentioned above. The post will get seen by the audience of all tagged brands (again, like anything in Social Media, just be sure to now over-tag).
  • Hashtags! Use them… but there are some rules.
    • Use hashtags so that your content can be introduced to new audiences in hashtag feeds, but don’t overuse! Only use 1-2 hashtags per post, please!
    • With that being said, I highly recommend using hashtags at the end of a status update. I led a focus group for a study done at Saint Louis University (in the Spring of 2014) that interviewed sixty 18- 30 year olds. It was found that the posts were harder to read when it was full of hashtags. These focus groups only liked the posts that had hashtags at the end.
    • Always, always search the hashtag you want to use before you post. Be sure to scroll for awhile to make sure there aren’t inappropriate posts associated with this hashtag to insure its a message that is consistent with your brand.
    • Make sure you capitalize the first letter in every word. This increases readability… but don’t make them too long! Even with capital letters the user will get tired and move on to something else.
  • Most importantly, and I cannot stress this enough, always, always, always add photos to your posts. In a study done by Buffer, they found that Facebook posts with images drive 87% more engagement on Facebook than content with no image.

I hope that with the information above, you can tackle Facebook’s new algorithms to increase your engagement and insure your posts are seen by your customers. Stay tuned for future posts on how you can optimize your social media outreach.

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