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November 18, 2014 - 4 minutes read

Facebook, some brands live by it, but lately it hasn’t been treating us very well! The new algorithm change has been quite a change, and brands’ reach are now only getting to 5-6% of Fans… as long as the posts are deemed “quality content” from Facebook itself.

First of all I’d like to point out Facebook’s new Links, videos, sharing from other pages are all “quality content” to Facebook now and are rewarded with clicks, video views, Likes and Comments. So for a page that has 1200 fans, a post that reaches at 132 Fans is considered a more-than-successful post in this new algorithm.

With that being said, when it comes to social media engagement, I encourage clients to not measure it by how many “Likes” the content receives, but instead how much reach the post itself has. You can find that in the left corner of the post when you’re logged into your admin account.


Facebook is very tricky with it’s newer algorithm and one way to get your content shown (deemed as “quality” by Facebook) more is to post links to articles or websites.

2 Ideas for Posting Quality Content on Facebook

Links to articles and your website

Normally, a link won’t get a lot of engagement in the sense of Likes and Comments. Why? Because generally once the Facebook Fan clicks on the link and reads the content they’ll rarely go back and “Like” or “Comment” on the content. Instead, we encourage clients to focus more on how much reach the post received instead, because that is what Facebook is now focusing on.

For example, the content pictured below got zero likes or comments, but was seen by 1,613 Facebook viewers – more than successful when comparing it to the 5-6% reach a brand might get with the newer algorithm change.


What that means is that the fans were clicking on that link, because the more clicks it gets the more Facebook will show it in people’s Feeds. What it boils down to is that Facebook rewards for good content. In this case, the engagement wasn’t Likes or Comments, but clicks on the link … that hopefully led to many reservations at this restaurant!


Another type of content that Facebook deems as “quality” content are videos. This will have the same kind of result as a link: The Facebook user is going to watch the video, but not necessarily “Like” or “Comment” and Facebook rewards that as well with more reach.

But what about photos?

We’ve been told that photos help us reach more engagement in the past, you didn’t mention that! Well, Facebook isn’t ranking photos high on the ‘quality content’ scale because there really in’t much engagement – followers don’t typically click them.

Well, there you have it. Facebook continues to change and you have to keep up or your Social Media marketing will suffer.

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