Product Feature: Food Industry-Specific Templates

February 20, 2013 - 1 minute read

If you’re tired of using the same generic email templates from Constant Contact or Mail Chimp to send emails to your customers, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with our collection of email templates available only in eateria. Specifically designed for the restaurant, food service and hospitality industry, you’ll find every template you need to send to your customers.

With a wide variety of categories, you’ll find templates for bars, taverns, family restaurants, breakfast restaurants, pizzerias and many more. You’ll also find templates for fine dining, nightclubs, coffee bars, farmers market and ethnic food restaurants. Not just for restaurants, you’ll find email templates for the food and beverage industry as well.

Available in different formats, our email templates are completely editable for newsletters, promotions, holidays and events. Instantly add your logo and photos to many of our templates as well add and edit coupons to say anything you want.

Instead of having to add a link to your social media pages on every single email template, eateria allows you to enter your social media information once into the system and then automatically add links to social media pages on every single template.

All the templates are designed to be mobile-enabled easily showing up on your customers’ tablets and mobile devices.

 Food Industry-Specific Templates




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