Product Feature: Coupon Validation System

March 6, 2013 - 1 minute read

Sick of coupon reprints? eateria’s unique coupon validation system offers an affordable way to track and validate each and every one of your coupon offers! With eateria, you’ll not only have the option to decide if you want to add a coupon to your email, but you’ll also be able to completely edit any coupon you choose. You’ll have the ability to decide how you’d like to track your coupon’s campaign as well as what dates, days of the week and time you’d like your coupon to be valid for in-store use. Have additional coupon restrictions you’d like to add to your coupon? No problem! You’ll have the ability to add any of your own restrictions to each coupon campaign you create. Validate all your coupons by web, phone and QR code!

Coupon Validation

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