The Perfect Marketing Mix For Your Restaurant

June 9, 2017 - 4 minutes read

In today’s world, there are many different marketing options and it can be difficult to find the right marketing mix. But whatever your goals, online marketing should be an essential part of your marketing strategy; and it can deliver the biggest bang for your buck! But how do you best utilize social media and other online marketing tools?

eateria can help! We can create a marketing strategy that caters to your restaurant and budget; and we can take over the day-to-day marketing tasks including website management, emails, social media and reputation management. And that will leave you free to focus on give the customers an amazing dining experience!

For more tips, take the word of two restaurant marketing experts! In this interview, a communications communications manager and magazine editor explain their approach to marketing starting with the quality of the cuisine!

media update’s Adam Wakefield spoke to Ronelle van Schalkwyk, communications manager of award-winning Johannesburg restaurant DW Eleven-13, and Katharine Jacobs, editor of Eat Out, about how food is the product and how they market it.

“The food, flavours, and experience our customers experience is of the utmost importance to Marthinus. Word of mouth is power in this industry. Our key marketing is done around our dishes. If you have a good product, people talk,” she says. “The fact that we have won awards, are very active on social media, and are constantly evolving just adds to the momentum of marketing opportunities.”

The building of a strong brand is what makes an impact, with Jacobs arguing that a restaurant needs to focus on their core offering and not be all things to all people. “Restaurants who try to please everyone end up with a very diluted brand, a huge menu, and can lose focus,” Jacobs says.

“If a restaurant can make the best toasted cheese sandwich in the city or the best affordable lunches, the focus should be on that. The marketing strategy will follow naturally once you know who you are.”

Social media: a friend of food and marketing

Social media’s impact upon the food service and dining industry has been widespread. The likes of Instagram have changed the way the food service industry and its customers see food. According to Jacobs, it is a signifier to customers of a restaurant’s quality.

“Social media can be an amazing marketing tool when done well. The key is to set up a posting schedule and plan things a little strategically. Respond to what works and change how you post accordingly,” Jacobs says. “We change our menu regularly and changes are made on the website, notifications are sent out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as other platforms.”

The marketing no-nos

Jacobs’ primary tip is to avoid engaging with trolls online as soon as possible, as it is an energy-negative. “I think it’s wise to always take a deep breath before responding to people online, and always try to take the discussion offline as soon as possible by asking for an email address or phone number.”

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