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By David H. Benzing

This booklet provides a synthesis of the broad info on hand at the biology of Bromeliacea, a principally neotropical kin of approximately 2700 defined species. the writer emphasizes reproductive and vegetative constitution, comparable body structure, ecology, and evolution, instead of floristics and taxonomy. Guiding questions comprise: Why is that this relations inordinately profitable in arboreal (epiphytic) and different in general demanding habitats and why is that this relatives so vital to huge fauna past pollinators and frugivores within the woodland cover? outstanding and occasionally novel mechanisms that mediate water stability, tolerance for top and coffee exposures, and mutualisms with ants have got a lot examine and make allowance attention-grabbing comparisons between plant taxa and aid clarify why contributors of this taxon convey extra adaptive and ecological sort than so much different households of flowering vegetation. This quantity concentrates on functionality and underlying mechanisms, therefore it's going to around out a literature that in a different way typically ignores simple biology in prefer of taxonomy and horticulture.

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