Is Yelp helping your business?

August 20, 2013 - 3 minutes read

yelpYelp which was just a brand new start up in 2004, is now a social review platform that is a household name. When you want to discover a new retail store, spa, or restaurant Yelp is going to provide you a realistic review from real people who sometimes are happy, angry and be hateful. Before businesses had Facebook pages, and Twitter accounts when consumers wanted to spread the word about their new favorite diner or pet store they took their rants and raves to Yelp. With such a free virtual area it’s important that businesses indeed know what their Yelp reputation states about their business. Here are things your brand must be mindful of when being ranked on Yelp.  89 % of online users trust reviews according to Cone Inc and 79% will change their mind based on bad review – Harris Interactive.

So, is Yelp helping your restaurant business?

Bad Reviews

Having a bad review is almost impossible to avoid. However there are certain reviews that can cost you customers majorly. Cleanliness and customer service are two topics you don’t want to see negative reviews about. Nothing is worst than having a customer that experienced bad service. Once a customer leaves with bad service and their concerns are not addressed this fuels the fire for a very harsh review. Cleanliness in businesses is the ultimate deal breaker. Whether restaurant, salon, or even pet hotel no one wants to visit a business with an untidy review.

Lack of information

Yelp is essentially the guide for patrons. They want to do as little work as possible when they visit your Yelp page. What customers do not want to see is lack of information about your business or website. It’s important that businesses maintain their Yelp page. It is one of the few social media sites that requires very low maintenance. However all information should be current and exact. Say for instance a customer is looking to see who has the best brunch and mimosas in town. Well if they visit your page and see old post, or no address the customer is likely to overlook your page and go to the next business that provides more information even if you have the best food in town.

So now that you know more, we’ll ask again. Is Yelp helping your restaurant?

Ola Ayeni is the Chief Idea Officer at, a digital loyalty marketing company. eateria™ is a whole new way for restaurant, food, and hospitality businesses to interact with their customers based on their on-the-go lifestyle. eateria™ utilizes the best combination of email, social media and text message marketing.






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