Instagram for Your Restaurant

March 16, 2015 - 3 minutes read

Instagram for your restaurant is the next big thing. If you’re over Facebook and want to engage millennials and beyond, why not try the fastest growing social platform?!

According to this study, Instagram is the way to go, and we agree that is is a vital component to your social media strategy.

Photos are the best way to capture the essence of your product. A simple photo post of your menu or plate is worth a thousand words. Give guests and potential customers something appetizing to look at, and they will be hungry to sample your menu.

Instagram is a trendy photo-sharing platform. This social platform will help your restaurant bring in more guests by sharing media updates of what is going on with your business. Are you celebrating a holiday like Mother’s Day at your restaurant? Why not post a sneak peak of your brunch offerings and get guests excited to spend their holiday with you.

Guests want to know what they are eating and where they are dining. Moreover, people are looking for an exciting place where they will enjoy food, drinks, and social activities.

If you want to create brand awareness throughout your current and future guests, follow these tips to build your online Instagram reputation:

Instagram Post Photo

• First, engage and create scenes of loyalty. By posting a photo of your plates, menu, and location you are exposing awareness to your guests. Photos can often give meaning and depth to an idea that hasn’t even been conceived. It will help to maintain your web presence.
• Motivate your guests in a Photo Contest or Challenge. Each day share a post or flyer that indicates the challenge. Post fun images as well as business images.
• Show employee appreciation: Posting photos of your employees show that you care about others and you provide excellent guest services. Posting photos about how employee enjoy working with you, gives guests excellent insight about your restaurant.
• Interact with your guests! They love to see a notification that your brand liked, comment, and reposted a picture of them.
• Post/Like/Repost/Comment
• Use the name of your restaurant as a hashtag, as well as trending hashtags, in order to develop awareness. #Restaurants #NameOfYourRestaurant.

Using Instagram is a great compliment to your digital marketing toolbox, and will help increase your brand awareness throughout your guest-base.

eateria offers Instagram services as well as Social Media Marketing and Monitoring on other platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest). We can help you navigate the latest trends, account setup, and engagement to get the most out of your Instagram account.

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