How To Increase Lunch Business at Your Restaurant

August 30, 2012 - 3 minutes read

If you are like most restaurants, lunch is often your slowest time of day. People are busy and if they make time for lunch, they’ll generally stop in at the closest restaurant to eat and run. But you also know that if you get them in your door, they’ll be back. They’ll bring their lunch meetings to your establishment. They’ll invite friends to ‘grab lunch’ at your place. But how to get them there in the first place . . . . .

We have something you can do today that will get people in your door tomorrow – distribute business cards with an offer printed on them. Several of our clients have been able to increase lunch business with this simple action. Here’s what you need to do to increase lunch business.

Determine what your offer will be.

How about a free appetizer (or desert) with the purchase of an entrée? Other suggestions include a dollar amount off the entree price, or buy one entrée get a second for half price (don’t offer more than this – if you get into ‘buy one get one free’ or more than 25% off the entrée price you’re giving too much away).

Outline what text you need on your card

Include your establishment’s name, address, phone and website. Don’t forget to list what hours and days the offer is good for (ie. “Good only between 10:30a.m.-1:30p.m., Monday-Friday”). If your goal is to increase business before your peak lunch time, have the offer end before peak hour.

Don’t forget to indicate that the card must be brought and turned in, in order to receive the offer. This will help you track the success of your campaign.

Now for the fun part – design your card. (Want help with this? Our designers can work with you on layout, word choice, graphics, colors).

Define a ½ mile radius around your establishment in which to distribute your cards to local businesses.

Decide who will hand out the cards.

Want to get to know your neighbors? Hit the pavement yourself! Whomever you choose for distribution should be dressed business casual and presentable – please no hoodies or torn jeans. Remember – they’ll be representing your establishment.

Increase Lunch Business!

Now you’re ready to do what you do best – serve your guests amazing food and delightful experience.

Spending a few hours outlining and designing your cards and a few hours distributing them can really increase lunch business.

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