How To Make Your Email Marketing Campaign Mobile-Friendly

September 20, 2012 - 4 minutes read

With the rising popularity of smartphones, the number of people checking emails on their phones is growing quickly – 36% (more than one-third) of emails across 12 industries this year were opened on phones. This is up 20% from one year earlier! For Consumer Services (this is where you fit in), the number is even higher – 42% of the emails sent were opened on phones. The study reporting these figures estimates that in 2013 email marketing will reach the tipping point and more than 50% of emails will be read on phones. This means that it is no longer enough for you to do email marketing – you need to be doing mobile email marketing.

Here are some tips to get you started with mobile email marketing:

Know when to send your emails – Schedule your emails to be sent when mobile users are checking their messages. Open activity for mobile users is highest at three points during the day – before work, right after lunch, and after dinner/during the evening. Take the opportunity to promote your breakfast specials by sending an email first thing in the morning and your dinner specials by sending an email in the afternoon. Most action taken on an email happens within 90 minutes of the message being sent – therefore you should send your emails when users are more likely to open and click.

Limit the images in your email – Most mobile operating systems (except for iPhone/iPad) block images by default. While these operating systems usually offer a button to turn the images back on, most users won’t bother. In addition, images sometimes just refuse to load, leaving empty space in your message. If you do want to include images, put images to the right of your text. Images at the top of your message means the text gets pushed down, and you may lose your reader before he or she gets to the important part of your message.

Know where to put important information – Place the most important part of your message in the top left corner. While iPhones fit an email to the width of the screen, other mobile devices display the upper left corner of the message. While users will scroll left-right and up-down to see the complete message, you’ll want to grab your reader with the first bit they’ll see.

Take location into consideration – According to Google, 20% of searches on Google are related to location. People use their mobile devices to interact with the world around them – where should they eat dinner? Is there a parking garage near that hot new restaurant? What’s the address of that club our friends are talking about? If you have multiple locations, consider adding a link in your email that will take customers to a mobile page where they can quickly find a location near them.

Keep it simple – Use large, simple fonts and the briefest amount of text possible to get your message across. People don’t read novels on their phones, they reach for their phone when they need information in a fast, easy manner.

Hopefully, this information will help you get started and help you change your frame of mind from email marketing to mobile email marketing. Sign up today for a free account and have access to the largest library of mobile friendly email templates for the restaurant and food service industry.

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