How To Boost Online Ordering

March 11, 2016 - 2 minutes read

Everyone spends so much of their time online these days, whether it is by phone or computer. When someone is thinking of ordering food for pickup or delivery, they no longer reach of their telephone book. Make sure you set up an online ordering system to get your restaurant more orders! The Internet provides your customers an easy way to order from you without the hassle of a phone call. An online ordering system improves business and customer satisfaction, and can even help you receive orders from your restaurant’s website, Facebook, and mobile apps.

Let your customers know about your new addition of online ordering by posting it on social media. Scream it loud and proud on all your social media sites to let your customers know that there is another way they can enjoy your food! Another important note? Be sure to note that your website is mobile-friendly when integrating online ordering onto your page.

Online ordering is the new way to get your grub. An online system helps to get the orders in an easy way from your customers at any time without relying on phone orders where information can be easily misunderstood. With the menu right there at a patron’s fingertips, it makes ordering faster and simpler on both ends.

Your restaurant’s staff will receive the complete orders as an SMS or email. The customer’s name, address, mobile number, and item details are all present, so it is easier to your restaurant’s staff to manage orders for delivery. You can also keep track of what items sold, what items are available now and etc. It helps you to handle multiple operations in a single system, which we all know restaurant owners love. A streamlined process is an effective and fast process!

One online ordering system we recommend checking out is E-Tab. We work with them on our restaurants here at eateria, and they are friendly, fast, and effective. We love being able to meet with them and our clients altogether to best discuss their online ordering options. Find out more about E-Tab here:

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