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Looking to contribute as a guest blogger?

We love sharing what we know about the restaurant marketing industry! We are always looking for guest bloggers to post interesting and informative articles for our eateria readers. Looking to write a guest post for us? Here are our guidelines.

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Guest Post Guidelines:

  • Your blog post must be original content and not posted anywhere else on the web. (Suggested topics – restaurant marketing related)
  • Your blog post should be between 400-600 words. It should be educational and informative to our audience and should not be press releases, sales articles or SEO stuffed sales articles about your service or product.
  • Your article must be written for our target audience – restaurant, food industry and hospitality business owners and operators.
  • Please include 1-2 sentence boiler plate and a picture of yourself.
  • Please inquire about sponsored posts at contact[at]myeateria[dot]com.

All submitted material will be edited as needed and will become property and copyright of eateria™.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]