Facebook just made it easier to order food online

June 27, 2017 - 1 minute read

Facebook has added a new feature to its food ordering–customers can now easily order food straight from your news feed! Facebook has partnered with food delivery sites Delivery.com and Slice to bring its “Order Food” feature to its app and desktop site. Maybe you’ve already been using this feature since it was launched in October, but get this:

Customers used to have to order from the restaurant’s Facebook page, but now they can order directly from the main navigation page.

That’s right. Your customers won’t have to break away from those Buzzfeed Tasty videos for a second to order from your restaurant!

This feature is good news for restaurants that accept online orders because now it’s easier than ever for customers to find you. It might also convert some traditional folks to the food delivery app lifestyle — once your customers have had a taste of on-demand grub, it’s hard to go back.

It’s only fitting that food delivery has been added to Facebook. The social media king knows that customers want instant gratification and seamless experiences. They also want delicious food. This new feature fuses all three!

More information can be found at theamericangenius.com.