Don’t Describe Your Business Using These 3 Phrases

November 12, 2013 - 2 minutes read

shhhWe meet several restaurant owners in our industry; from fine dining Italian bistros to mom and pop breakfast diners. One thing that is most common amongst these businesses is how they describe their business. Here are 3 phrases restaurant owners should not use to describe their restaurant.

1. We are a family restaurant

Mom and Pop shops, and family friendly restaurants will always have a great place in the hearts of foodies, but this is not how your restaurant should be described. When someone asks you what type of restaurant you have what we don’t want to hear it’s a family restaurant.  This does not paint a clear picture of your restaurant. Instead use phrases like, “We are the Southern Restaurant with the finest ingredients in comfort food.” Paint a picture that showcases what makes your restaurant different and not the same.

2. Everyone knows us in town

Almost every time when we ask restaurant owners how do they drive business they say everyone in town knows us. Well indeed it’s a great thing when you have a solid reputation within your community; however this isn’t a strategy on how your business maximizes profits. A reputation must be cultivated; this requires reaching out to current customers and recruiting potential customers.

3. Our food is good

Good food is so important, but many other restaurant owners will say the same about their restaurant. Good food is not the only thing that will keep your customers coming in.  Rather than simply bragging about having great food, brag about your restaurant’s ambience, customer service, and all those other attributes that make you stand out to the competition. No one trusts a person that says “good food.” Sell your restaurant!