Coming Soon To A Facebook Near You…

January 31, 2016 - 2 minutes read



The next big thing is coming to Facebook. Six countries have been testing the newest addition to Facebook’s myriad ways to interact with friends and strangers, and soon the ability to “react” will be coming to your own interface. Although the Facebook community has been requesting a “dislike” button for years, creator Mark Zuckerberg has responded many times with worry over an uptick in negativity amongst users with that option. Another option? Add reactions!


Soon enough, Facebook users across the world will be able to hold their finger down on the “Like” option, and then select from a number of other reactions to post on statuses. Each reaction comes with a corresponding emoticon. Facebook is hip to the fact that no one wants a totally cluttered mini-feed, so instead of a bunch of emoticons piling up next to each other, they will have a tallied number next to them to reflect how many times they’ve been selected for that reaction. The “yay” emoticon has reportedly been dropped from the final selections as it was not easily and immediately understood across cultures.


The new emoticons are animated, with some of them exhibiting repetitive behavior. For instance, the sad face will, over time, drop another tear. This may appeal to younger users, but could be potentially overwhelming for older users of Facebook who may already have a difficult time navigating the smartphone app. Luckily, the developers behind the emoticon layout were smart to put the sad one at the very end, so you are less likely to accidentally select a negative reaction rather than a happy one.

We are curious to see how this may change activity on Facebook. Will users begin almost strictly using the emojis rather than writing worded responses to statuses? Will business pages see more or less interaction versus personal profiles? Because our focus is on restaurant marketing, we’re excited to see how users utilize the reactions to respond to their favorite establishments’ posts. What are your thoughts? Are you excited or do you have an ambivalent opinion? Let us know!


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