Product Feature: Add Editable Coupons To Every Email

February 26, 2013 - 1 minute read

Sometimes an email to your customers requires a coupon and sometimes it doesn’t. However, we believe that adding an editable coupon to an email campaign should be as simple as a click of the button – not a technical, complicated mess.

With eateria, users have the ability to add a coupon to any email template. Simply click the “Add Coupon” button. Change your mind? Simply click the “Remove Coupon.” It’s that simple!

The best thing about our coupons is that they are completely editable. Whether you are looking to send out a 20% off or BOGO coupon, eateria has a large variety of coupon options for you. Edit the fine print of each coupon and enjoy having total control over when you coupon begins and ends with our coupon validation system.

Editable Coupon


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