3 Tips to Help Your Restaurant’s Yelp Reputation

July 21, 2014 - 4 minutes read

According to a new Nielsen survey, 98% of Yelp users have made a purchase for a business they tracked down on Yelp. 84% of consumers said that reviews are the most important aspect of any website – which weighs heavily on your establishment since reviews are the whole reason Yelp exists!

So what do these numbers mean? Your Yelp reviews will help 98% of your future online guests decide on whether or not to visit your establishment.

eateria wants to ask: Are you monitoring restaurant’s Yelp reputation?

Here are a few tips to help you:

  • The information section of your business has to be filled out… you don’t want to leave any guesswork for your potential guests. Furthermore, if there is guesswork, negative reviews may fill that gap and you’ve already lost those guests before they’ve even walked in your front door.
  • Private Messaging feature: Did you know Yelp recently rolled out Private Messaging? Now your guests can message you just like they can on Facebook or Twitter. You need to make sure you’re paying attention to these – if they’re not answered potential guests will feel as if they’re being ignored and possibly think this is a reflection of the service they will receive at your establishment.
  • Positive Reviews (3 or more stars): Thank your guests when they leave a positive review so they will feel that you are listening to them. Offer them a generous coupon to encourage them to come back. Be sure to private message this coupon to them so that it doesn’t look like you’re trying to publicly bribe them (or bribe them at all!)
  • Negative Reviews (1 or 2 stars): Be aware that having a bad review is almost impossible to avoid, so don’t beat yourself up or yell at your employees about one… however do remember that everyone thinks they are a food critic nowadays with social media and sites like Yelp. Every guest in your restaurant is watching every move… and they’re ready to pounce. With that being said, everything counts – the service, the food, right down to the cleanliness of the restrooms. Everything will come out on Yelp. We’ve even had a Yelp user write solely about the décor of the restaurant for one of our clients! See? They really are watching!
    • Bad reviews must be tended to, but not publicly. Please only message your disgruntled guest once and offer them a “redo” or an apology coupon. If a guest had an unpleasant experience the last thing they want to do is to have to spend more money to give you a second shot. Again, be careful and avoid making it look like you’re bribing your guest.
    • When I say “keep your apology simple” … I mean simple. “I’m very sorry to hear about your experience with us. Please accept this $15 coupon and give us another try” is enough. No more than that. The last thing you want is to overdo it and they share it on Facebook or Twitter – then you have an even bigger mess on your hands.

Yelp is very public and also very tricky. The most important thing about Yelp is to remember that you are monitoring the site and making sure guests are being heard.

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