These 3 Subjects Never Get Old On Your Restaurant’s Facebook Page

November 5, 2013 - 2 minutes read


  1. Food – For restaurants this is a very effective way to attract customers by posting pictures of your amazing food. Keep in mind if the picture you have is low-quality typically from a cell phone that doesn’t look appealing it more than likely will not be a good idea to post. It’s important to post a high quality image of the food that will make someone’s mouth water just by looking at it. Also, a good time to post pictures of food is before the lunch and dinner rush when people’s stomachs start grumbling and they begin to think what they will have to eat. If you post a picture at those times, you automatically will become the thought in their mind of what they will have.
  2. Sports – Posting content about sports is a great way to create engagement among your fans. The sports fan base alone is relatively huge and more than likely your customers are a part of it. There should be no reason why you shouldn’t congratulate your local sports team when they win a game or highlight a player who has been making the headlines lately. It will grab your fans attention and start a conversation among them.
  3. Community – If your restaurant posts content that has to do with things that are going on in the community it says a lot about that particular restaurant. It shows that you are not only concerned with promoting your business, but promoting the community your business is in as well. Community posts can be included as news about the local schools, news about new businesses or particular residents, and events that are going on.
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